19 photos that show how Mother Nature loves to surprise us!

The power of nature can leave us speechless, and to prove the point, here's a selection of remarkable snaps.

Nature is unpredictable, uncontrollable and invariably awesome. Whether it's wildlifehumans or the weather, we can always count on our planet to surprise us.

Here are 19 photos that prove nature still has plenty in store for us.

1. A spiral spider's web

© Zombie_Slime/reddit

2. When a storm washes away the sand

© I_am_Jo_Pitt/reddit

3. It could almost come out of a cartoon

© goaskalice3/reddit

4. A fabric so stiff, these jeans stand up on their own

© uwu_ashleysan/reddit

5. When the snow melts everywhere apart from on their shadow

© Kelleykrider16/reddit

6. Incredible bright orange turtle

© theyork2000/reddit

7. Deer used the car a lick salt

© BondiBlueBa*s/reddit

8. A sheet of "brick ice"

© kopter28/reddit

9. This girl doesn't have a nail on her index finger

© nofapventure/reddit

10. Using volcanic heat to bake pizzas

© Yellowman230/reddit

11. Just a bear enjoying a picnic

© takeheedyoungheathen/reddit

12. When a tree invades a tower

© mirandanielcz/reddit

13. An image bank registered this as a face!

© flargenhargen/reddit

14. Born with an extra thumb on one hand

© cheesecake_in_denial/reddit

15. A very spiky tree trunk

© Mikeorangetrip/reddit

16. Striking a pose!

© microphonick/reddit

17. 4 bananas in one

© sigglet/reddit

18. A tree that was stronger than the boulder that rolled into it

© Waiting-For-October/reddit

19. When your lemon is actually an alien

© Er*tile_Knife_Party/reddit