19 photos that seem to defy the odds

In life, it’s important to try to look on the bright side of everything that happens. Even something negative can turn into something positive. This is the only way to convince ourselves that we have a little luck.

Having a little luck doesn't mean much, but it can be very beneficial when you see it on your side. The pictures below may seem very ordinary, except that there is a little luck present in each one. Can you find it?

1. This city decided to create a new superhero…

© tombola20 / Reddit  

2. “I’ll stop at nothing if I see a stick!”

© IronRoadWarrior / Pikabu  

3. When the sky declares its love for you…

© SeaseFire / Reddit  

4. When your head fits the picture frame perfectly…

© warhols_ / Reddit  

5. The irony of crashing into a pole next to these posters…

© downvoteforwhy / Reddit  

6. There couldn't be better suited tiles for these pots.

© balkonkind / Reddit  

7. Do you see part of a world map in the sky, too?

© Optisrule / Reddit  

8. There’s no better way to transport these cans.

© notthefirst_335 / Reddit 

9. This spider web looks like Spider Man!

© generatedmax / Reddit  

10. This is actually 2 different pictures of my mom and dad.

© flowerboy00 / Reddit  

11. “The arches and their reflections amaze me.”

© Meunderwears / Reddit  

12. “Who are you, my new brother?”

© StoinkyDoinkyIV / Reddit 

13. It will be impossible to take another picture like this!

© Moss_Piglet_ / Reddit  

14. Apparently this isn’t the first time the tree has had this happen.

© Mellllooooo / Reddit  

15. But how is this phone even still working?

© K_Al-Shaya / Reddit  

16. So, is this real or unreal?

© DarkKnightOfOz / Reddit  

17. “My friend had a pimple on his tattoo, so now it looks like a sunset.”

© Infernoo1717 / Reddit  

18. Like a game of dominoes…

© evan1g / Reddit  

19. When a truck says “hi” to you.

© Hadouken617 / Reddit