19 photos that perfectly sum up children's innocence and honesty

Kids have a hard time hiding their emotions... They may try their best, but even if your little angel has a smile on his or her face, their body language will betray how they feel! It's one of the reasons why being sincere is so important when it comes to raising a family because if you don't, your bundle of joy will turn into a screaming mess.

Here are 20 funny photos that sum up children's innocence and honesty when it comes to showing us how they feel!

1. When your daughter organizes a pajama party, but your son is the only boy and has to pretend to be a groom

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2. This little girl's an expert when it comes to pulling a grumpy face just as her mom presses the shutter

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3. This little guy wanted to look like his dad so he insisted on wearing a fake moustache and chest hair for his 8th birthday portrait

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4. And her mom only looked away for a minute

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5. When your child falls in love with Ketchup 

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6. The day your daughter discovered Snapchat...

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7. Straight out of a horror movie

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8. “I got distracted for 5 seconds when I heard my son saying, ’Look, Dad, I’m the lawyer from Jurassic Park.’ ”

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9. When your son realizes that he wants to become a tattoo artist

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10. When your neighbor's son gets a bit too handsy with your daughter

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11. Oh, the irony

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12. When chocolate stops you from feeling any pain

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13. This girl suddenly found out why her little sister never went out without her purse...

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14. Kids and bubble baths...

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15. This boy didn't understand why the cookies needed to baked before they could be eaten

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16. “He wanted to be like the Indian Warriors in a book we read tonight, so he took my lipstick.”

17. When your son falls in love with the girl on the cover and gives her a kiss every time he reads this book!

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18. This mom asked her son to go change his clothes so that he could help her with some gardening

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19. A child and dolphin bond

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