19 photos of people who love going against the grain

We love a bit of eccentricity! Most of us like to fade into the background, as we don't want people to think we're weird or even crazy…

And then there are others who love standing out from the crowd! They're confident, self-assured and often very creative... And we've drawn up the perfect selection of people who were snapped being true to their eccentric selves!

1. Students at Isca school in Exeter were banned from wearing shorts in summer, so they turned up in skirts!

© Simon Hall ? / Twitter  

2. Girls can't go to soccer matches in Iran, so this group disguised themselves as boys and got passed security at Azadi stadium

© JulieMatthew / imgur  

3. Who said it always has to be pumpkins?

© Alex Schwarz / Twitter  

4. If it keeps you warm...

© EliteZealot / reddit 

5. That's a lot of underwear!

© unknown/imgur  

6. Total protection

© Ensignment / reddit  

7. Who cares what people think - he likes it!

© Fragmente / imgur 

8. Annoying...

© dontlookatmeimnake / reddit 

9. Who's going to steal an almost empty bottle of soap?

© drigana / reddit  

10. Do you think this would work?

© lukasstefanko / reddit  

11. The morning after the night before

© ColonOBrien / reddit  

12. When someone loves customizing their car

© Nightlight-Sailor / reddit  

13. A Christmas tree for scientists

© jotun86 / reddit  

14. Creative use of language...

© owlkapawn / reddit  

15. We're hoping this is for more than one person...

© klazzarus / reddit  

16. Clever product placement!

© Zpowell1031 / reddit  

17. When you fill up your horse

© KayFenn / reddit  

18. Because cooking bacon can be dangerous

© hades0401 / reddit  

19. A fishy look

© Lazordeladidou / reddit