19 photos of creativity gone crazy

Showing off our creativity can mean pushing the boundaries of established standards and rules. But whether it works or not is an entirely different matter!

Whether upgrading their home decor or trying out a new toy in the kitchen, some people know how to take things to extremes. The result is often a mixed bag, and the jury's still out on these 19 creative "ideas".

1. This has to be a joke...

© Cnmbnmya/ Reddit

2. How would you feel if this tow-truck turned up?

© Washp***/ Reddit

3. When the entire graphics department hates their job

© meltee/ Reddit

4. Clever!

© asiansoundtech/ Reddit

5. When you get home to find someone has set up their new toy....

© kingevanxii/ Reddit

6. Her husband thought she'd love her favorite actor on the shower curtain

© Animepix/ Reddit

7. A Greek yogurt pot - it's all in the detail

© goldy411/ Reddit

8. Just make sure you have 911 on speed dial

© IsItKandar/ Reddit

9. And this is in a luxury hotel!

© MercuREEEEEEE/ Reddit

10. A love it or hate it staircase

© analogHedgeHog/ Reddit

11. When the new carpet looks like an old, frayed carpet

© PretzelsThirst/ Reddit

12. Well-hidden

© Cortinian/ Reddit

13. So you never get lost?

© canadian227/ Reddit

14. This is to indicate that the fitness room is on the left...

© Westonhaus/ Reddit

15. Those sharp edges look a bit dangerous

© snwbrdrmidget15/ Reddit

16. No, just no!

© DarbyCr*hLanding/Reddit

17. Perfectionists look away!

© quinntoye/Reddit

18. When split-level goes wrong

© rae_is_not_okay/ Reddit

19. Because privacy matters

© OreganoFlakes/ Reddit