19 people whose creativity can’t be beat

Creating means more than just thinking. More than anything else, it’s being able to design or come up with something new. It means making something with your own hands. Basically, it’s having the means to bring your ideas to life. The brain comes up with the thoughts and ambitions, but it’s the hands that act on it.

The results can be astounding. But, finally, you realize that what you created may be quite useful. Why hasn’t anyone thought of it before? Congratulations, you were the first! Now, you just have to market it. Which is something the people below did not do…

1. This watermelon has been carved to look like a fish.

© mariettai / reddit  

2. Instead of throwing away your old computer, why not recycle it?

© iprefertau / reddit  

3. You have to remember to get the right screen…

© Toxic_Impulse / reddit

4. The wheels? That’s just a minor detail...

© baseskin / reddit 

5. When you want to be in the dark, and not have to hold your iPad…

© bishopthom / reddit 

6. We’re having a little trouble understanding the usefulness of this creation…

© crankypizza / reddit  

7. A bike-scooter. Practical and cheap!

© Destro2k / reddit  

8. Is this a new car brand? The Flamingo!

© ciaran_palmer / reddit  

9. You have to be really motivated to decorate your phone case this way.

© EmptySighs66x / reddit  

10. A wooden pencil can fix anything.

© xxxminecraftgod69 / reddit  

11. Since when do scooters wear jeans?

© littletroublegurl / reddit  

12. What is this surprising dish?

© Smoke_Trails / reddit 

13. All her socks must have holes...

© Kosmosnoetos / reddit  

14. Needless to say, he’ll never resell his car in this condition.

© RegularJoe500 / reddit  

15. A baseball bat can be used to make a plunger.

© mourninshift / reddit 

16. “My grandma’s old car is our new favorite playing field.”

© Jugdish68 / reddit 

17. “Pardon me, which way to the ocean?”

© themilkmaan / reddit  

18. Being mistaken for a pear

© RAIDONKU / reddit  

19. Duct tape to avoid heavy winds…

© FairWestApparel / imgur