19 people who've learned the art of self-mockery

Laughing at others is easy enough. Making fun of oneself is much more complicated. You have to know how to see the funny side of things and not care about what people think. It's often said that the funniest people know how to make themselves the butt of their own jokes.

What about you? Do you find self-mockery makes you a winner? Done rightly, it can also bring us closer to our friends and family - just check out the following hilarious moments when self-mockery won the day!

1. When you turn your plaster into a work of art!

© CRBA1228 / Reddit  

2. This guy passed out while his wife was in labor - and seems happy with the attention he's receiving!

© Hueybluebelt / Reddit  

3. Who said hangers were just for clothes?

© JakesFriendsBrother / Reddit  

4. This guy's daughter and her friends think he's got a funny face, so he installed this photo as their wallpaper

© BoogerJankin / Reddit  

5. A colleague told this guy he looks menacing, so he decided to see if it was from birth... It was!

© kenzieckc / Reddit  

6. When you forget to fasten your hand to your arm!

© EatPrayNub / Reddit  

7. This guy sent this photo to his girlfriend after an argument

© rennypenn / Reddit 

8. Perfect positioning

© tomyan112 / Reddit  

9. This guy's parents couldn't be there for his graduation, so his friends stepped in to help!

© Zoomer1997 / Reddit  

10. When you can't bear the idea that you've put on weight

© byestanleyloveyou / Reddit  

11. He decided to have some fun before cutting his hair and shaving off his beard

© finnathan / Reddit  

12. He took a staycation, but wanted to fool his co-workers into thinking he spent the time at the beach - and yes, his prosthetic leg got a tan!

© Hoger / Reddit  

13. This guy got home to find proof that his dad enjoyed his 60th birthday!

© mberanek / Reddit  

14. This teacher flew 1st class for the first time in his life and even Photoshopped a magazine cover

© toxicbob12 / Reddit  

15. A good excuse for a party!

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16. This guy gets an email every time a package is delivered...

© deadleaf_shrimp / Reddit 

17. A dad and son created an old photo!

© deltaphoenix08 / Reddit