19 people who used their talent to get out of difficult situations

Talent is something we’re born with. And we shouldn’t hesitate to use it every day when we have a gift for doing something, such as a game, a sport, or an art. Those with talent can overcome some obstacles easier than those with less talent.

Some people are also able to use their talent in a hilarious way, whether they mean to be funny or not. It's like it’s a part of them. Here are some photos of people who make us smile by using their talent in a funny way.

1. This teacher didn’t have a world map, so he decided to draw one on the board!

© Joheasley/reddit  

2. It’s all about the look and posture!

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3. This baby is lying perfectly on her daddy's tummy during a photoshoot.

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4. “My brother was joking when he told our grandma that he wanted 100 gifts from the dollar store. She accepted the challenge.”

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5. Roll on!

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6. “My girlfriend always says that my shirts are all the same color. I had to prove her wrong.”

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7. A tiny Christmas tree!

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8. “My buddy quit his job at the gas station.”

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9. He’ll write a poem about anything on the street!

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10. A fireman rescued these hamster babies!

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11. A homemade skateboard!

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12. Funny Christmas lights!

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13. The cure for laziness!

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14. Laziness can sometimes be a source of genius!

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15. “I bought my 84-year old grandmother an iPad. She never had one, but 20 minutes later, this is what I came back to!”

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16. It must be tricky to make a turn!

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17. A great sense of balance!

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18. At 104, this man has tons of style!

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19. My neighbor made a new mailbox!

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