19 people who prefer to do things their own way

Society may expect us to respect certain codes of behavior, but surely if we're not breaking the law, then what's the harm in doing things our own way? It's our eccentricities that make us stand out from the crowd, often with hilarious consequences...

After all, freedom of expression isn't just about our words, it's also about the way we behave or present ourselves! So in honor of everyone's kooky side, here's a selection of photos featuring people who love doing things in their own special way!

1. How to peel onions without making your eyes water

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2. A rebel at heart

3. "You shall not pass"

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4. When a drill alone isn't enough

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5. When your dog wants you to open the parasol

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6. An Irish Englishman?

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7. Cool kid!

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8. What do you think? A success or total fail?

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9. The day your son got pulled over for suspected drink-driving

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10. Why spend money on a hedge trimmer?

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11. Who needs a bed when they're really tired?

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12. One heavy helmet...

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13. An eclectic style

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14. Fancy a foot bath on the way to work?

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15. We so hope people helped this guy, not least because he's got a great sense of humor!

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16. Musical superheroes

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17. When a contortionist takes a nap on the subway

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18. Helping your daughter uphill

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19. Improvised umbrella

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