19 people who play by different rules

Have you ever decided to throw in the towel? To put aside good thinking, abandon the rules, and focus on your deepest desires, no matter how shameful or wild they may be? You may not want to be taken for a fool.

However, some people dare, even at the risk of being seen in a poor light. But it doesn’t matter – we only live once. So why not take a few risks and play with your feelings? The photos below show people doing just that.

1. Getting serenaded always makes going to the bathroom more enjoyable.

© MountainWheat / reddit  

2. Here's a tip if you don't have enough money to go to a dentist:

© Daniel Pozo / me.me  

3. Everyone else does it the other way around, but not this guy.

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4. Go from hope to frustration in an instant.

5. Why do things the same as everyone else?

© Notch / twitter  

6. What a cruel joke.

7. They couldn’t help themselves!

8. It’s all a matter of perspective.

9. The opposite of being a perfectionist...

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10. Here’s the shape of my mouth on a Kit-Kat!

© SweetBabyJesusBaconFlavoredNutellaMountainDewApplePieMooQuack / imgur  

11. Have you ever tried it? Normally, it works...

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12. Sometimes children take their parents too literally…

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13. I’ll show them who’s boss!

14. It deserves a 100% for being bold, doesn't it?

15. So now that I've touched it, what’s going to happen to me?

16. Life’s already too short as it is.

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17. Normally, it's the opposite, you always have to go behind the barrier.

18. It’s playing with temptation for some people.

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19. I guess the lock worked like it was supposed to…

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