19 people who mastered the art of laziness

In our busy, modern world laziness is often criticized, but sometimes we need to conserve our energy or take a break from the hustle and bustle around us!

Even so, some people have learned how to take laziness to another level, whether it's avoiding standing in line for 5 minutes, being able to enjoy a refreshing drink without lifting a finger or even just not bothering to put a roll of toilet paper back in its holder!

1. A genius way to 'stand in line'

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2. Spit out watermelon pips while watching a movie without getting sticky fingers!

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3. Why re-arrange eggs that are already arranged in a box?

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4. Because boxes make great stools

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5. When your girlfriend calls you lazy, so you do this for her birthday cake

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6. Clearly too much to expect...

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7. Some call this lazy, others call it a genius life hack

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8. It'll gradually melt off...

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9. Why waste time going downstairs to fetch your shirt?

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10. A working lunch

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11. Laziness can promote creativity!

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12. Seriously?

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13. Why bother mopping up when putting up a warning will do?

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14. When peeling off the film requires too much effort

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15. Eat around a peel-off label...

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16. Taking a sneaky nap at work!

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17. When you're too tired to even push down the trash

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18. 'Do not disturb'

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19. Hitching a ride!

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