19 people who had a stroke of bad luck

We all have unlucky moments. Moments that come out of the blue, although some people are convinced they were born under an unlucky star! These glitches often happen when we least expect it, although they may also be the consequence of a thoughtless act.

The following people are completely innocent victims, and even though no one was hurt, we wouldn't wish these situations on anyone! So, if you're having a bad day, rest assured that you're not alone and remember that tomorrow is another day!

1. When workmen forget to put up a warning sign

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2. When the lid falls off

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3. When one nail does this...

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4. The day they dropped their laptop

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5. If they had a pair of scissors to hand...

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6. Dinner ruined and slippers that will need to be binned

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7. He asked for a window seat...

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8. When your ball ends up on the roof and your sneaker doesn't dislodge it

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9. When the microwave explodes

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10. When lightning strikes!

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11. Maybe the "warning" notice mentioned a maximum weight?

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12. When birthday balloons decide to break free

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13. Never park under trees!

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14. Time for a refund!

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15. Freezing bottles of water can be a dangerous thing!

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16. They forgot to tighten the screws

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17. When there's more sea than land

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18. The dangers of gaming...

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19. When the bubbles are connected and won't burst

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