19 people who can adapt to any situation

How do people feel at ease in any circumstance? How can they always be comfortable? Whether at home, in the car, on the bus, or at work, everyone aspires for peace of mind, and the rest of the body.

Some people have invented solutions that may be described as ingenious. Sometimes it isn’t much, but it allows them to always be comfortable, no matter where they are. See the proof in the pictures below.

1. These high heels are more comfortable than you might think.

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2. He was tired of having his feet in the air, so he built a desk with old Apple computers.

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3. This cook wears a gas mask when he cuts onions.

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4. Here's one way to clean your carpet!

5. These sandals with the soles reversed will keep you from being tracked!

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6. This teacher doesn’t like to sign his students’ yearbooks over and over, so he created a stamp!

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7. A tattoo that’s functional

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8. When you want to take a break in the shade, but you’re in the middle of the desert!

9. Here’s a tip for rotisserie cooking along a river…

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10. Instead of opening the car door and banging it...

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11. When you build a wooden couch at work, have a seat!

12. This bathmat was originally too long, but some scissors did the trick...

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13. Always carry the minimum!

14. Don’t do this if you’re forgetful. Otherwise you’ll be looking everywhere for your keys.

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15. Comfortable? Yes, unless the first one at the very top starts to fall...

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16. “My friend with the one note card of class notes she was allowed to use on her test…”

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17. When you use your friend while he sleeps…

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18. A way to keep the game system safe from babies (or teenagers)

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19. Disarmed

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