19 ordinary things seen from an extraordinary point of view

Mother Nature guards many secrets, and every now and then she’ll show us just how extraordinary our world can be.

For example, have you ever seen a blue and pink kiwi fruit or an iceberg that suddenly rolls over? Some people have been lucky enough to witness and snap astonishing natural events or press the shutter at exactly the right time. The results are nothing short of awesome!

Here are 19 ordinary things seen from an extraordinary point of view.

1. Spot the chameleon

© Realhumanbeing3 / Reddit  

2. A kiwi fruit photographed under UV light

© Mat0fr / Reddit  

3. Did you know that if you microwave birdseed, it comes out like mini-popcorn?

© unknown / Reddit  

4. Excess glass dust at a windshield factory

© Tezza_TC / Reddit  

5. Pigeon wings when held under a UV light

© MoWaleed / Reddit  

6. Get the timing right and you'll see how flocks of birds fly in a precise formation

© oftn_daisuki / Twitter  

7. A mole! Did you know they were so tiny?

© nastya__twt_ / Twitter   © Depositphotos  

8. A blue bee

© Kelly240361 / Reddit  

9. Pigments from Ancient Egypt

© Metmuseum  

10. Snow being blown off a mountain

© MisterT12 / Reddit  

11. When an iceberg rolls over

© unnaturalorder / Reddit  

12. The insides of a tree trunk

© ChillWills728 / Reddit  

13. A turtle the size of a quarter

© wjpalumbo58 / Reddit  

14. Yellow watermelon

© Spice Lowery / Twitter  

15. A square salt crystal

© jks1098 / Reddit  

16. This is how polarization works

© Thund3rbolt / Reddit  

17. An albino peacock

© BlkViper188 / Reddit  

18. When a cabbage sprouts

© agni_ka / Reddit  

19. Africa's amazing Victoria Falls

© stacika_ / Twitter   © Jurgen Bierlein / Pixabay