19 little-known facts about the world we live in

People are discovering new things every day and we all know that the world has plenty of fascinating things in store for us.

Despite what some people may say, nobody can claim to have seen it all and we all enjoy fortuitous discoveries, even if it's just a bit of fun trivia! Whatever our latest discoveries, they help us to understand the world better and, if we feel like showing off, regale our friends, families and social networks with the photographic proof - just like the people below!

1. Ever wondered how electric pylons are installed?

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2. The little dot on the left of the sun is Mercury!

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3. In some countries you can move your entire house to another area!

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4. An aerial view of New Delhi in India

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5. No, it's not a circuit board... It's New York by night!

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6. The human-like physique of an ape

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7. This bridge in Australia stops crabs from being run over by cars

8. This is how nutmeg grows

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9. A plastic bottle before being filled

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10. The inside of a shelving unit bought from IKEA

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11. Instant sidewalks!

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12. The Dutch and Belgian border!

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13. The art of bridge building

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14. The end of the Great Wall of China!

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15. Because actors don't always do the driving in movies!

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16. Few people realize how close the pyramids are to Cairo!

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17. The point in Brazil where the Amazon and the Black River meet

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18. A Namibian desert that borders the sea

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19. This is how Chinese soldiers make sure they keep their heads up

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