19 life hacks that are borderline genius

Don't assume that what looks like a dumb life hack or invention won't work! Sometimes the simplest of things work the best!

If you don't believe us then take a browse through these ideas... They're easy as pie to do and are real game-changers - even if it means your friends and family think you're a bit weird!

1. Turn up the volume!

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2. Better than licking your fingers

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3. Got kids?  Raid their LEGO set to make fun cable holders!

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4. Not a life hack, but a TV you can watch from the other end of the house!

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4. Lightning conductors?

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5. The perfect spout

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6. High security!

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7. Barely noticeable!

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8. Get fit while you plunge!

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9. Subliminal message...

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10. They won't get far

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11. Cheap shoe dryers

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12. Get dough to rise by putting it on a warm laptop

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13. It's all in the finish...

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14. When you don't have a baby sitter

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15. Barman meets engineer

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16. A fun way to mow the lawn...

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17. Stop people from emptying your gas tank

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18. Protect your eyes when chopping onions

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19. Broken cork?  Just use a carrot!

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