19 life hacks and situations that are too weird for words

Being creative is a plus when it comes to doing certain tasks or getting your dream job. Unfortunately, not all of us are creative geniuses, which can cause mayhem when we put our problem-solving skills to the test. We think we've found the perfect life hack, but suddenly things go rapidly downhill.

Here are 20 photos that prove some ideas are too weird for words... From funny to dangerous, we suggest you don't try these at home!

1. We just hope it doesn't get too rusty!

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2. Would you want to eat this?

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3. Inspired by Mc Gyver...

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4. How to make even more mess


5. How to strain your back

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6. Just make sure you don't suffocate

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7. When the AC breaks down

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8. Hilarious! Imagine finding this in your hotel room!

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9. A stomach-churning sushi pizza

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10. Not a life hack, not a design fail... Just disturbing

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11. A spaghetti bolognaise bagel...

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12. When you've had enough of the friend zone

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13. Being too creative can have its downfalls

14. Because cardboard boxes are an essential in life

15. Use a tool box as a front bumper

16. Keep your distance

17. Just so long as it does the job!

18. Confusing art...

19. Creative thinking...