19 inventive recycling and upcycling ideas

Recycling and upcycling isn't just about ecological awareness and avoiding waste. It's also a fun and extremely satisfying way to get our creative juices going and end up with a product that will continue to stand the test of time. What's more, we can adapt objects to our taste or even completely change their use!

Whether you're transforming a rusty, old van or changing a shapeless garment into a sexy dress, the sky's the limit when it comes to breathing new life into an old or unattractive object!

1. It took 2 years to restore this old VW camper!

© MrBubblehead / imgur

2. A floor made from chopped logs

© cordwoodconstruction 

3. From shapeless shirt to cute dress!

© BunnyFromMars / imgur  

4. Before and after

© DhulNo / pikabu 

5. An $80 second-hand vintage fridge turned into a vibrant, modern one!

© nuclearmacgyver / imgur 

6. Who said floppy disks were useless?

© Thunderlash / reddit 

7. Turn an airplane part into a state-of-the-art table!

© MotoArt / youtube  

8. A rusty pan that was restored by soaking it in a water/vinegar mixture for an hour before being put in the oven for 30 minutes...

© SimplyMax / imgur 

9. A greenhouse that uses glass bottles rather than glass panes

© lafe718 / imgur  

10. Turn an old, wooden ladder into shelves

© dinorahtarot127001 / imgur  

11. Use computer parts to make a pen

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12. Wood and chains!

© 4Rest_upcykling / facebook  

13. Turn an old dining table into a games table!

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14. This was made from a bike tire inner tube!

© sabrelaart / facebook  

15. When recycling becomes a work of art... And a handy walking cane!

© den2008i / pikabu  

16. A mosaic made from broken DVDs!

© Sibri / pikabu 

17. Never throw away leather bags!

© svet.dobro / pikabu 

18. One for aquarium-lovers!!!

© charmingpr0ject / twitter  

19. How to build your own Power Ranger from scraps of metal!

© Robot.Factory.Poland / facebook