19 inventions designed to make everyday life easier

New designs are constantly hitting the stores. Many don't reach global success, but that doesn't mean they're not clever or useful. Quite the opposite!

Technological advances or improved manufacturing techniques mean more and more handy gadgets are within our reach. Just check out the following selection of 19 objects designed to make our lives easier. How many would you like to try?

1. A nail polish holder!

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2. Working late at the office? Why not stay the night?

© studionl.com  

3. A practical and stylish solution

© amazon  

4. How to make your dog pose for a selfie

© Pooch Selfie/facebook  

5. A bottle-holding belt!

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6. A super-relaxing bath

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7. Laser-guided scissors

© Scissor World 

8. How to use every last drop

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9. Kiss goodbye to messy fingers!

© chefn  

10. Great if your outfit doesn't have pockets!

© slotflops  

11. You'll never have to shake your bottle of ketchup again

© kitchenart  

12. Better than using your shirt!

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13. For when your battery is flat

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14. Pee and poop in the dark without making a mess

© lemonbest 

15. One for Nutella fans

© wmf  

16. Who wouldn't want this in their kitchen drawer?

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17. Sweep your floor and clean your broom at the same time

© quirky 

18. Aperitif anyone?

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19. For the perfect slice!

© Kitchen Maestro