19 incredible pictures posted on the internet

There are some crazy things in life. And people are rarely able to see them. That’s why some amateur and professional photographers had fun taking extremely rare pictures. From everyday objects being worn down to some natural phenomena, there’s something for everyone.

Here are 19 unusual photos that just may be conversation starters in the breakroom at work.

1. The key to a new car vs. the same key used for years

© MRSAurus/reddit  

2. The soles of my worn-out shoes

© Questgen/reddit  

3. The progressive oxidation of a penny

© unknown/reddit  

4. A new shaving brush vs. one that was used for 30 years

© BrownBrilliance/reddit

5. A traffic cone that hasn’t been moved for months

© SidiusFate/imgur  

6. The magical photo of a flash of lightning!

© TmarTn/imgur  

7. I found the actual landscape from a CLIF bar wrapper

© McWinnieThePooh/imgur  

8. This fisherman has found an extremely rare specimen!

© unknown/imgur  

9. This is a piece of wood that has been painted to look like a piece of lava.

© PleaszComeBack/reddit

10. This whale sculpture is breathtaking!

© 9999monkeys/reddit  

11. This is the microbiological handprint of an 8-year old child after playing outdoors

© starstufft/reddit  

12. The shadows of these two mailboxes make a perfect “up” arrow

© merax_cc/reddit  

13. No, it's not the moon’s surface. Just a coffee stain that has dried up!

© astro3000/reddit  

14. This bench was built around a tree…

© unixftw/reddit  

15. This is a nut, not an owl's face

© JonisAegon/reddit  

16. You can see this rock in Kobe Harborland, Japan: a window has been cut, so you can see through it

© gemie/pikabu

17. Here is a door hook from a Disney park...

© Austin117/imgur  

18. This is a natural “staircase” shaped by the water of a stream

© AssSombrero/reddit  

19. The matrix or just a coincidence? Strange…

© bakedwafer/reddit