19 ideas that make life so much easier

Most of our daily lives are filled with man-made conveniences. Behind each object, meticulous research and development work has been done.

This is work that is born from the mind of creative geniuses and designers whose only goal in life is to make ours run more smoothly...

1. Wash your hands and flush at the same time

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3. A Rubik's Cube for blind people

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4. An integrated napkin!

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5. Just like cars!

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6. Kiss goodbye to back-breaking deliveries

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7. If you feel like dancing in the elevator

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8. Never get confused again

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9. See the benefits of using the stairs 

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10. Airport rocking chairs so you can relax and watch the take-offs/landings

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11. Urinals made from recycled beer barrels

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12. Disguised as a palm tree

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13. A restroom with a tablet support!

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14. A dog kennel for when you're in an area where dogs are not allowed to walk

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15. A door handle with an integrated hand sanitizer

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16. Soap, water and a dryer all by the same wash basin

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17. So you can put your drink down while entering the code/opening the door

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18. A notch for your purse or bag!

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19. A ball of honey to dissolve in your tea

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