19 fashion choices that made people stand out

Fashion is with us on a daily basis. We see it especially in our clothes and accessories. It’s evident in our choice of pencils and binders for our kids. And for adults, it shows up in backpacks and purses. Fashion highlights some brands and ruins others. It changes over time. And trends from the past often come back years later.

But fashion isn’t present in every creation. And we have to sometimes wonder how in the world someone could come up with an object or clothing item. Well, if nothing else, it provides accessories for people who like to stand out among the crowd.

1. Are these wooden clogs really comfortable?

© JackmanWorks / imgur  

2. When you’re completely frosted!

© you8mymuffins / reddit  

3. There are hairstylists who will do anything…

© -L-I-V-I-N- / reddit  

4. He may seem a little eccentric, but he’s rocking these boots...

© iucipur / twitter  

5. Some people always have wet wipes handy...

© regionalatmadds / reddit  

6. It may be warm, but as for fashion, surely there are more beautiful caps out there?

© Nabsiesta / reddit  

7. Punk Crocs!

© crimesagainstshoemanity / instagram  

8. Would you ever wear a rainbow tie? This guy doesn’t mind…

© DavidThorne31 / reddit  

9. Sweet heels

10. He must’ve really done something wrong.

© Fantomas1994 / pikabu  

11. The next step would be for him to grow his moustache into a treble clef!

© smallpoly / reddit  

12. Perfect shoes for people who want to cover their tracks...

© BuddyGlass0506 / reddit  

13. All-in-one pants, and you don’t even have to find shoes to match!

© crimesagainstshoemanity / instagram  

14. When you recycle the head of the fish you bought the day before!

© Sosochek / pikabu 

15. When you use your tie to sword fight with your colleagues…

16. Is it a tribute to her cat?

© chebmax / pikabu  

17. Earrings that kind of look like salami…

18. Is it a purse or a watering can? Maybe both…

© cranapple_express / reddit  

19. He’ll definitely be noticed in this outfit.

© ZnamenaJIb / pikabu