19 easy ways to help save the planet

Scientists from around the world agree on one point - our planet is being destroyed and we need to quickly start changing the way we live. We are facing a major environmental crisis and if we carry on in same manner, the future looks more than bleak.

Sadly some countries refuse to reduce their carbon dioxide emissions, limit deforestation or put in place other measures to reduce global warming. On a positive side, people are waking up, and more and more of us are now doing all we can to help preserve our planet and our future. Here are some easy-to-apply measures that could make all the difference.

1. In the Czech Republic you can refill old plastic bottles with laundry soap to reduce your plastics consumption

© Rossmann / novinky.cz   © lucie.ouradova / Instagram  

2. Clothes made from recycled plastic - with a simple display to explain how it's done

© AutumnBegins / Reddit  

3. In 2016, France brought out a new law stating that supermarkets cannot throw away food before it's use-by date - all excess food must be donated to charities

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4. This Danish store reduces waste by discounting food that's past its sell-by date. It's still good to eat, patrons save between 30 and 50% and all proceeds go to charities

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5. Leftover food - enough to feed 400 people!

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6. In Japan, KitKats are now wrapped in paper not plastic

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7. Adidas sells 11 million recycled sneakers a year! It takes 11 plastic bottles to make each pair!

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8. More than 56 million coffee capsules are used and then thrown away a year. A start-up now collects them and uses them to make bikes!

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9. This student makes biodegrable utensils from water and potato starch - they only take 2 months to decompose!

© Pontus Tornqvist / The James Dyson Award  

10. Some grocers wrap food in banana leaves rather than plastic

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11. Water refill station!

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12. Grapes in paper bags rather than plastic containers

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13. Leftover popcorn that's given to farms for animal feed

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14. European supermarkets are increasingly using lasers to label food rather than traditional plastic stickers

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15. A container where you can use every single last drop

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16. This Belgian store sells soap by the slice

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17. Finnish start-up Sulapac has created long-lasting and fully biodegradable cosmetic containers made from wood chips and glue.

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18. Natural confetti! Just use a hole punch!

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19. A reusuable bag that can be slipped into your pocket, bag etc.

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