19 designs and ideas that leave a lot to be desired

Sometimes we'll come across an idea that's more than confusing. We're not just talking about eccentric people we see during our daily lives, but also designs and ideas that may be creative, but are so weird we can't understand why someone would come up with the idea.

For example, have you ever seen a Shrek car? Probably not... What about having a "cigarette" manicure? Nope, us neither! And yet, some people love showing off their quirky side, often with hilarious consequences - just check out the following selection!

1. A new take on denim boots

© uhhsamurai / reddit  

2. We weren't lying about the "cigarette" manicure

© Skulltcarretilla / reddit  

3. Very short shorts

© ssense 

4. A Titanic slide

© BigCballer / reddit  

5. When you make money by selling advertising space on your car, including a Shrek!

© dodosarentextinct / reddit  

6. A merry-go-round where you can sit inside Obelix's butt!

© Alcolike / reddit  

7. A Volkswagen Beetle bike

© luke_in_the_sky / reddit  

8. Would you buy this phone?

9. How not to lose your keys

© mmonzeob / reddit  

10. Ever seen such a long label?

© prashu10 / reddit  

11. When an architect decides to have some fun!

12. A sea plane?

© cubanbeing / reddit  

13. When you're a fast food fan

© Taoula / reddit  

14. This lobster doesn't look too comfy!

© spagett-boy / reddit  

15. We thought this idea was out of fashion...

© banana__phone / reddit  

16. When someone loves upholstery...

© roxingby / reddit  

17. How to use every single part of the house

© sandepants / reddit  

18. To stop the tire from getting cold?

© CriticalEnd110 / reddit  

19. A very unimpressed cat

© Emmas19 / reddit