19 deceptive pictures that show things aren’t always what they seem

Do you always understand what you see? Probably not. In fact, sometimes our brain doesn’t analyze what our eyes see at first sight. It needs time to adjust.

When this happens, you have to at least blink your eyes, when your brain doesn’t register it for a second. Then, you can focus on what you thought you saw. Reality then hits you. Surely this will happen with the photos below. Take the time to really look at them to understand them.

1. A dog that’s beginning to disappear right before your eyes!

© serbir / pikabu  

2. Better not climb these stairs if you’ve been drinking...

© Cyreniac / reddit  

3. Someone should let them know that they are losing their cargo.

© Oversized_phallus / reddit  

4. Yes, it's just a picture, but it's confusing at first.

© arthik / pikabu  

5. Thanks to the moisture, you can see where the stairs are.

© crayfl / reddit  

6. They practiced their choreography but haven’t quite mastered it yet.

© Prostoilogin / pikabu  

7. This trashcan doesn’t look happy to be here...

© Ruti / pikabu  

8. Who came up with this Mario?

© rebexca16ansell / reddit  

9. One thing’s for sure: this car isn’t going anywhere.

© swiftestcat / reddit  

10. The bars on this chair seem to be broken...

© thegoatiedoodie / reddit  

11. A funny fruit that looks like a mix between a pumpkin, an apple, and a watermelon

© WhovianSushi / reddit  

12. Is the inside of this apple red?

© HonestJohnTheFox / reddit  

13. When you notice a tank filling up at night...

© r1ckeh / reddit  

14. Time is money. Some people have no time to lose…

© jumja / reddit  

15. These blankets look like bags of meat.

© shiningPate / reddit  

16. You can bet your life that it doesn’t taste the same as the real Dr. Pepper...

© sauerkr4ut / reddit  

17. The game should last for 4 or 5 days...

© somebuddies / reddit 

18. This is all the same picture, but it looks like 4 put together.

© PyjamaRamas / reddit  

19. This door will end up on the ground if it keeps going...

© crazycockerels / reddit