19 clever and creative billboard ads

Billboard ads are designed to be seen from afar, usually when we’re on the move.  They need to be visually eye-catching and able to get their message across without distracting drivers and pedestrians.

Their use is varied… They may advertise a product or serve as safety warnings, with companies often going to extreme lengths to make sure their ad stands out from the billboard crowd. Striking colors or images, funny slogans, clever wordplay… If they grab our attention, then they’re doing their job!

The more original, the better, as the following selection proves! What do you think?  Which one’s your favorite and do you have any others that you’d like to add to the list?

1. A clever Coca Cola triptych!

2. A reliable weather forecast

3. Natural hair colorants!

4. Reliable and reassuring

5. Subtle and hilarious!

6. For a thumping headache

7. Strengthen your pearly whites!

8. Kiss goodbye to unwanted nose hair!

9. We love the house move box idea!

10. Pristine walls!

11. A hard-hitting safety ad

12. Your favorite tunes at your fingertips

13. Awesome periscope idea

14. When Pacific Airlines puts the sky 'on sale'

15. Produced by 'probably the best lager in the world'...

16. Promoting the next season...

17. Donatos showing how we all love a slice of hand-tossed pizza

18. Another straight to the point safety ad

19. 3M prove that it works!