18 of the world’s laziest people

We all have times when we put off something until tomorrow that we don’t want to do today. But being lazy is an art. It’s something that some people really work at, and sometimes a thing that requires a lot of patience. Like any art, there are amateurs and experts!

Here are the 18 world champions at being lazy. The competition is tight! Keep training!

1. Because peeling off a sticker is sometimes a waste of time, it’s better to just eat around it.

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2. According to his roommate, it's been 5 days since he bought the chair and he still uses the box as a seat.

© u/onelonefrog/reddit  

3. Obviously, it's the thing to do!

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4. Students are pros at figuring things out, but they often excel at being lazy too!

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5. Just because you have to go out to find the trash can.

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6. At least this way, you know where the next roll will come from!

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7. You know that football season is back when you see this on the coffee table in the morning when you get up.

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8. This dog brings the frisbee back to his master, who’s too lazy to leave the house to play with him.

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9. The packaging is very useful for lazy people, and here’s proof!

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10. You might think that he has a particular attachment to his old TVs, but in reality, he’s just too lazy to take them to the dump!

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11. Why waste energy by taking off the plastic wrapper?

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12. For people who don’t like to do the dishes...

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13. When laziness keeps you from buying new flip flops…

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14. Doing the dishes is the chore everyone hates the most: some people find ways around it!

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15. When your cat wants to go out, but you don’t want to be cold.

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16. Proof that laziness is not an issue of social class!

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17. He was too lazy to get a clothespin... and his t-shirt landed on the neighbor's roof.

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18. Carrying a basket requires a lot of effort... Here's the solution!

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