18 weird sights that were snapped and shared online

We all have moments when we're bored to tears and can't summon up the energy to play some sports, go shopping or just generally while away the time outside the confines of our homes!  Luckily the internet is awash with articles or, as in this case, amusing photos to keep us entertained!

So, if you're glued to your sofa or crashed out on your bed, here's a selection of weird and wonderful photos that people have shared online, to the amusement of us all!  Even if your body is tired, at least these will keep your mind occupied...

1. What lurks below...

© Paperkut / imgur  

2. Why?  Any ideas?

© Lrhibbs / imgur  

3. A disastrous grade point average...

© JurassicParked  

4. Caught in the act!

© Deathbysneaker / imgur  

5. Never lose your keys again!

6. Wolverine's scissors?

© Sluice_Mountain / reddit  

7. Stunning view!

© acidcow  

8. When a cat refuses to walk

© smilingsicario / reddit  

9. Just a girl and her pet watching TV

© PessimisticAF / imgur  

10. Double-jointed knees!

© vkmag  

11. An unemployed robot...

© BunyipPouch / reddit  

12. Emoji head

© IanSzot / reddit  

13. Flashy!

© bigibodyboy / pikabu 

14. We reap what we sow

© cardownloader / imgur  

15. When there's a heatwave

© it_was_my_raccoon / reddit 

16. When free Wi-Fi's also expensive

© thefluffelk / reddit  

17. Sometimes you need to make things clear!

© akos_beres / reddit  

18. Motivational T-shirt...

© kamehamehaa / reddit