18 weird objects that are actually really useful

Weird objects that don't have a user manual, strange installations hidden in the countryside, bizarre discoveries during an afternoon walk...

We may spend a lifetime trying to figure out what these odd objects are, and many will remain a mystery even though we're pretty sure they have a purpose . And that's where the internet and online forums come to the rescue! Just upload a photo and hey presto, someone, somewhere will have an idea!

So, in honor of the weirder things in life, here are 18 photos of inexplicable objects along with internet users' answers.

1. It's a door-stopper!

© MagicalGirlShame / Reddit  

2. A tribal mask from Bali

© Maitre-de-la-Folie / Reddit  

3. It's to open jars and pots

© dwarfstar3434 / Reddit  

4. An overturned hammock support

© Levangeline / Reddit  

5. A tribal healing hand

© apfluckern / Reddit  

6. A stainless steel disk designed to remove bad odors from hands

© TheEmblem2114 / Reddit  

7. It's to scare off birds and preserve electricity lines

© hotdocnurse / Reddit  

8. Acces point to underground gas pipes

© narnababy / Reddit  

9. They're called ranger beads and are used to track the distance covered

© sjorsgogh / Reddit  

10. A 2,000 year-old arrow head!

© CelestialMeatball / Reddit  

11. An ancient Roman oil pot

© Valar1306 / Reddit  

12. It's for pruning trees!

© sajahet25 / Reddit  

13. An old sediment filter

© hilwil / Reddit  

14. Audio cassette head demagnetizer

© ganjiparabol / Reddit  

15. An antique double ink holder

© Alexprox / Reddit  

16. It gives off an electric shock if an animal tries to jump over the fence

© bigdaddymaniac / Reddit  

17. It sits at the bottom of a vase to keep flowers in place

© sunshinedb / Reddit  

18. So drivers can see wooden pylons at night

© Trill_McNeal / Reddit