18 weird moments caught on camera

For centuries, even millennia, people have been doing weird things. And yet, only recently have we become aware of it since the appearance of photography.

For example, did you know Ancient Romans whitened their teeth with urine? Luckily, we don’t have photo evidence. Previously, we were satisfied to just not believe things like this, or even ignore them. That’s impossible today. Certain situations and scenes attract our attention and we’re forced to look at them out of curiosity and disbelief. Are they real? All of the ones below certainly are...

1. They’re just waiting for their breakfast to wake up!

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2. They came here to taunt their rivals!

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3. Do not worry, it'll fit!

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4. This cat has a responsible owner!

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5. When you only like the cream filling!

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6. It's the perfect time for a barbecue, that's for sure!

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7. A touch of originality

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8. A glittery egg for breakfast! That isn’t weird.

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9. The heat is wreaking havoc on everything.

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10. A perfect place for a nap

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11. An improvised Jacuzzi!

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12. Neither seen nor recognized!

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13. The coolest motorcycle gang around!

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14. Other people would be crying over their car...

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15. From the “faucet” brand of cars…

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16. Homer-chu, I choose you!

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17. No, this is definitely not good!

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18. Talk about party animals!

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