18 unsual DIY designs and ideas

Recycling and upcycling are all the rage, and if you've got a creative side it's amazing what you can do with a few bits and pieces.  There are, however, some whacky creations doing the rounds on the internet, some of which are a little too crazy for our tastes!

What about you?  Do you see yourself as a DIY genius or a budding upcyler? If you need some inspiration, then check out this list of 19 ideas, ranging from cool to insane! And don't forget to tell us what you think in the comments section below!

1. This blogger actually sells these change purses!

© reciclagemearte  

2. Recycle a dead mosquito for an alternative manicure

© rinvevo/reddit  

3. And if you don't like insects, then try a crochet version

© invisiblylost/reddit  

4. For a unique, customized bowl why not get your baby's butt printed onto its surface?

© raydioactivity/reddit  

5. Recycle old jeans by making a squidgy seat

© ehzstreet/reddit  

6. And if you enjoy upholstery, try this idea with an antique chair

© iamrealsmart/reddit  

7. When you love an industrial touch and traditional wood burners!

© unknown author/imgur  

8. Eek, nice idea but embroidery isn't as easy as it looks!

© van_bh/reddit  

9. Want a cheap pair of shades?  Just cut up a colored plastic bottle!

© Fwanko/reddit  

10. Just when you thought you'd never see him again...

© WildYucatanMan/imgur  

11. When one stocking's torn and you're not sure what to do with the other

© MikeFrye/imgur  

12. Need a sports top? Just steal your boyfriend's underwear!

© heretik/reddit  

13. What's your verdict on this?

© SeriousMichael/reddit  

14. The creepiest lamp in existence

© PraxisLD/reddit  

15. Upgrade your car with a fake sunroof!

© Deepthrusting99/reddit  

16. Use forks for a set of unusual candle holders

© TargaryenPie/reddit  

17. Decorate hammers - the perfect girly DIY accessory!

© unknown author/imgur  

18. Sometimes Mother Nature will provide you with all you need

© Macabee721/reddit