18 tips and inventions to solve any problem

Every year, there are people who are rewarded by a panel of professionals for their inventions that will change the world. Whether they’re related to technology, everyday life, or even agriculture, there are often some pretty impressive inventions.

Just as impressive are some inventions that come out of nowhere. We don’t know where people get these ideas! Some of them may seem stupid, but most often they solve a problem. See the proof in the photos below!

1. When you managed to snag a highway cone on the way back from vacation…

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2. He was hoping for England to win, but then he had to add “n’t” to it!

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3. An easy and efficient way to blow up your inflatables this summer!

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4. A pretty creative mechanical approach! Please do not try this at home…

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5. Well, it doesn’t have to be comfortable...

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6. “I asked my son to box his leftover mac-n-cheese at the restaurant. This is what I found when I got home.”

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7. The sensors quit working, so he came up with this solution!

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8. Instead of using it to mash potatoes, now you can take a shower...

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9. When you don’t have a corkscrew, put a screw in the cork and pull!

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10. It creates a mixture in your mouth, thanks to this complex contraption!

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11. When the curtains in your hotel room won’t stay shut, do this!

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12. Well, it's just cardboard, but it does the trick while waiting for a new bumper!

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13. When you need to sneak a bottle in somewhere!

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14. A makeshift beater using a drill and scissors

© seniorpeanutbutter / reddit  

15. Only a chemistry teacher could come up with this idea!

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16. How to open a key ring!

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17. An upside-down colander over a burner can be a toaster!

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18. The key that leads to water?

© GisTap / pikabu