18 times something went wrong (and it was hilarious)

Life sometimes surprises us with funny situations. We don’t know all the reasons behind them. Otherwise, they wouldn’t be called surprises. But sometimes it wants to be unfair, or it decides to change the natural order of things…by simple chance or coincidence.

These surprises, which are often bad ones, don’t always come at the right time. It could be, for example, in the middle of a wedding... the so-called “most beautiful day of your life.” Here, we offer you some pictures of people who have had to deal with the unexpected.

1. Bats can’t cross the street.

© readball / reddit  

2. This photo has a special place in the wedding album.

© plantdj / reddit  

3. This magic candle apparently doesn’t need the wick to be lit.

© glorious_albus / reddit  

4. When you accidentally display your home screen on the billboard and forget about it…

© duccthefuck / reddit  

5. The real question is how to get to the next level up.

© dickfromaccounting / reddit  

6. Since when do people eat pizza like this?

© bigsandip / reddit  

7. When you do it yourself…

© PM_MAN-BOOBS_BUDDY / reddit  

8. You have to wonder what state of mind the person was in who spelled this out…

© FaxCelestis / reddit  

9. Fortunately, the dog can’t read…

© fallsballs_mcgee / reddit  

10. No smoking or no swimming…or no smoking while swimming?

© imdeadinsidelol / reddit  

11. One air conditioner for 2 rooms! A money saver!

© rubicondroid / reddit  

12. Four air conditioners for one hallway! Not a money saver!

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13. He who laughs last, laughs best!

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14. It's fine to be a superhero, but you have to make a living, too.

© SlyFox227 / reddit  

15. The ceiling fan melted from the heat?

© GDHPNS / reddit  

16. The pizza place accidentally boxed up the pizza with the cooking pan…

© SargentPanPan / reddit  

17. Why even make a case for the disc if you don't need it?

© intertwo / reddit 

18. This guinea pig looks like another animal…

© hawkeye2604 / reddit