18 times someone had their camera at the ready when disaster struck

What do you know about an unlucky day? Firstly, it's rarely our fault: most really unlucky events happen unexpectedly and you can’t control them.

Unlucky people are often much more tense and anxious, but there are others who always look on the bright side of life and will take out their phone to snap and share their misery! They don't moan and just see glitches as part and parcel of everyday life...

1. At least these kids will have a reason for being late to class

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2. Fourth time lucky!

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3. The day you walked to work...

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4. No single Fanta bottle is the same

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5. Oops, one brown floor!

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6. When strong winds peel off a roof

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7. Maybe it tasted really good?

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8. Get ready to swim...

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9. Just so long as it closes

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10. Catching a ride 

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11. Now they just need to hop to the shower

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12. The rare time it's not the handle that breaks

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13. And you thought it was an escalator

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14.  The red button says it all

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15. The most useless interphone on the planet

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16. Boat 0, Fish 1

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17. So small it's cute

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18. The perils of using eyelash curlers

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