18 super-practical inventions that many people don't know exist

There are some inventions that have been slow to emerge and others that are updated versions of a service or design that's been around for a while. For example, a lot of senior citizens complain about a lack of time at a pedestrian crossing. Ditto for reduced mobility people or those with prams or toddlers. So, did you know that in Singapore, you can apply for a digital card that gives you extra time to cross the road?

This is one of the city's most popular inventions that we hope will be adopted around the world. So, to keep you up to speed, here are some inventions that are up and running, and will hopefully soon be available where you live!

1. A tent meets camp bed that you can quickly set up for comfy night's sleep

© Prostoilogin / Pikabu  

2. A drawer designed for paper towel!

© rishortish / Reddit 

3. Pedestrain crossing lights at ground level so you don't have to look up from your phone

© sc1201aurora / Reddit  

4. Singapore, a city where you can get a card for a longer crossing time

© floralwarhead / Reddit  

5. The most practical bookmark in the world!

© JayGold / Reddit  

6. This Berlin gallery has tactile versions of its artwork for visitors with sight problems

© ppmtn / Reddit  

7. A gadget that lets you turn the lights on or off when you're away from home

© ruJapanObserver / Twitter 

8. Because rounded edges are comfy!

© Koteggg / Pikabu  

9. A spoon that won't fall in a pot

© JuicyBoots / Reddit  

10. A mini-projector so you can watch movies on a wall

© ThatsJada__ / Twitter  

11. Whoever designed this is a genius!

© slumflower / Twitter  

12. Who wouldn't want this shower?

© badirresistible / Reddit  

13. A shower head with a thermometer

© drews42150 / Reddit  

14. And another one that also uses colors!

© withac2 / Reddit  

15. Better than sticking your fingers in the jar

© nypaterfamilias / Reddit  

16. Clean the outside of your windows using this magnetic device!

© ughilovefood / Reddit  

17. A portable mosquito net


18. Lay your table in a flash

© iwasdoingfinelurking / Imgur