18 strange sights people woke up to in the morning

There are those who wake right up and are ready to take on the day as soon as the alarm clock goes off. And then there are others. Those who need at least 15 to 20 minutes longer to get out of bed, those who really get up out of obligation and linger in their dreams until they drink their coffee, etc. And it is precisely for these people and their strange habits that we dwell on in this article!

Here are 18 people who are not at all morning people who show it in different ways! 

1. “This is the first thing I see every morning ... I think I live in my cat’s house and he’s telling me it's time to fill his bowl.” 

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2. “They say life changes after you get married... In fact, after just a week as husband and wife, this is how my husband gets up in the morning ...” 

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3. “My husband has always had a hard time waking up... The proof: I found this when I opened my microwave this morning...”

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4. “The dog isn’t allowed to get on our bed and every morning, I find him like this!”

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5. “This morning, I got upset because an idiot neighbor was blaring Aerosmith. When I opened the window to scream at him, it turned out it was Aerosmith...” 

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6. “I hate November days, because they’re cold and sad. This morning, this is what I saw in front of my door when I was leaving for work... I think I'll stay home today.”

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7. “In the morning, my roommates make me understand that it’s about time I get up.” 

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8. “I live in Jamaica and this morning I heard someone knocking on the door. When I opened it, this is what I saw.”

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9. "I charged my phone when I got up this morning. After my shower, I realized that it will never charge this way.”

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10. “Our baby is growing up fast... So fast that this morning, my wife and I almost had a heart attack when we saw the baby monitor screen!” 

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11. This young boy broke his arm and spent the night with some friends. Here’s how he found his cast the next morning...

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12. “This morning, I turned to kiss my wife when...”

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13. "If I'm not up in the morning, the turtle knows exactly where to find her lettuce!”

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14. "I heard my daughter laughing in the living room... When I got up, I found her like this! Except that isn’t our cat!”

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15. “Just to see his head in the morning, I have to get up to feed him.”

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16. This mom almost had a heart attack when she got up after seeing her son like this in the hallway.

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17. “This is what I found in front of my daughter's door this morning... Another day in paradise!” 

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18. “When I came home early this morning completely drunk, I made this pumpkin... At least, it’s not like the others!”

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Morning people are rare, so feel free to share your stories with us in comments!

Photo credit: zzzzzxx / reddit