18 strange objects that all have a special purpose

Sometimes we come across something that we don’t understand. It might be a strange object, which you have no idea what it’s used for. It leaves you scratching your head. It’s nothing to be ashamed of.

Today, with the internet, it’s easy to learn more about what a specific object may be used for. Just ask Google, and you’ll likely find your answer. Or by reading this article, where we’re happy to give you some answers.

1. When you find this thing hanging from the ceiling in the dining room…

This is a ceiling fan, which works by pulling the rope to create a back-and-forth motion.

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2. This is a box of sand located under the seats on some subway trains, to improve traction in wet conditions.

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3. On the island of Orcas, Washington, this is a door that leads to an abandoned lime kiln.

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4. This is a large tower-type thermodynamic solar power plant located in Nevada.

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5. These are the rusty ruins of a slot machine that has rolls and combinations of pictures that match up to win.

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6. A pocket ear trumpet found when cleaning a house.

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It's called a pocket ear trumpet.

7. This is a scorekeeper for billiards.

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8. In the refrigerator, there’s sometimes a tool to clean a drainage hole where condensation gathers.

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9. This is an explosive device used to trigger avalanches in winter.

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10. Found in the Mississippi River, this is a Bryozoa, an invertebrate aquatic creature.

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11. A very strange, narrow cutting board that was actually used to hold a manual meat grinder a long time ago.

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12. Sea urchin spines, which are common in Portugal.

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13. This helmet was worn by German flame throwers during WWI.

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14. This is an old tool used to hold a stack of paper with a loop for a pen.

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15. This is a cliffside hotel made up of 3 semi-transparent rooms. One night will cost you around $400.

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16. This is a handle for a saw.

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17. A Bipalium, a planarian, also known as a hammerhead worm.

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18. This is the Sikorsky S-64 Skycrane. The helicopter was designed to carry military tanks. It can be used to carry heavy objects, as it can lift up to 19 tons.

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