18 strange items for sale in flea markets and thrift stores

Have you ever been to a yard sale? Or maybe a flea market? If so, you’ve probably seen some pretty bizarre things and unusual items for sale. Perhaps you’ve even bought something weird.

It is true that occasionally people come across odd things that happen to be in thrift stores or flea markets, like an original painting by a famous artist, because the seller didn’t know how valuable it really was. You can really find everything in these places, as evidenced by these photos.

1. For $50, you must have a good reason to buy them.

© AliBakerr/imgur  

2. Who would even want to sit on this chair?

© scoobydoomistakes/tumblr  

3. The perfect dress for a woman with a split personality!

© larpkitten/imgur  

4. This is definitely surrealism!

© KingPugTato/imgur 

5. The lama's game... is it to see who can spit the farthest?

© gutshotsthrift/tumblr  

6. This doll might make your child have some horrible nightmares.

© Pheanyxe/imgur  

7. A very creative lamp

© hereisalex/reddit  

8. For fans of horseback riding

© Itoldyouyouwouldregret/imgur  

9. When you want even more camouflage…

© wakhead/imgur  

10. What kind of animal is this? A new dinosaur may have been created...

© WorldsWorstCanadian/reddit  

11. When two people are attracted to each other, nothing can separate them.

© thriftstoreoddities/tumblr 

12. Who would win this epic battle?

© The-Great-Cornholio/thechive  

13. An original item

© thriftstoreoddities/tumblr  

14. You have to really want this to buy it...

© thrifterror/tumblr  

15. A tie made of feathers

© Triplecrowner/reddit  

16. To put in your nativity scene!

© silentbobstash/thechive  

17. A beautiful sweater that your child will be thrilled to wear!

© Insecureeeeeeeee/reddit  

18. Here’s a Star Wars reference...

© GodzillaDestroyingTokyo/imgur