18 seemingly banal things that aren't as ordinary as you think

Have you ever seen a scaleless snake or a container filled with one million dollar bills?  Ever wondered what snow on Mars looks like?  If the answer's no, then take a browse through this fascinating selection!

These 'ordinary' things may be commonplace, but most of us will never get to see them with our own eyes.  From awesome to pretty to skin-crawling, you'll have to agree that we live in an amazing world!

1. A human eye

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2. A caterpillar enjoying a hearty meal

© Matroshka/pikabu

3. Heart-shaped strawberries!

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4. A tree that's straight out of a horror movie!

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5. A scaleless snake

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6. The Diphylleia grayi flower becomes transparent when wet

© khoahoc.tv  

7. A coin produced in 1868

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8. A 'fairytale' village in Japan


9. A red and pink flower

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10. A heart-shaped tomato

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11. When night meets day!

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12. Giant loaves!

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13. A million dollars

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14. A mini screwdriver

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15. A bluebell forest in Belgium

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16. An icosahedron-shaped M&M

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17. A puffer fish skeleton

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18. Snow dunes on Mars

© Cmdr_Hadfield/twitter