18 repair jobs that leave a lot to be desired

Some people are natural DIYers, while others don't know one end of a hammer from the other. Logic and common sense fail them, even if they are determined to do the job themselves.

Professionals are there for a reason, particularly when it comes to repair jobs that require specialist skills. Picking up the nearest tool or heading to your local DIY store may not be enough to avoid a total disaster! Unfortunately, some people are too proud to admit they need help... Just check out the following and draw your own conclusions!

1. How long before someone dies?

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2. Pretty, but not sure how long this will last

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3. Security at its best

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4. One use for parcel tape...

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5. So what do you mash your potatoes with?

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6. Would you sit under this?

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7. Accident waiting to happen

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8. The neverending building site

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9. Portable sanitation...

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10. When you finish a wall yourself

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11. Because measurements don't matter

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12. Terrifying indoor barbecue

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13. A smart bucket?

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14. Just cover it with a lick of paint

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15. Carpool karaoke!

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16. No, no one will notice!

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17. So near, yet so far

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18. Almost, but not quite

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