18 renovations that didn’t quite work out

Renovation isn’t something everyone can do. Some particular rooms (like the bathroom and kitchen, for example) often require a professional. It isn’t easy to become a plumber, tiler, or HVAC engineer overnight.

However, some professionals are professional in name only. In fact, professionalism is oddly absent in some completed jobs. It can be so bad that we raise our arms in despair and wonder why we didn’t do the job ourselves. This is what the people below must have thought.

1. A sink attached to the toilet forms a perfect slide…for your toothbrush and other things.

© batataqw89 / Reddit  

2. The perfectly placed air conditioner...

© debochavel / Twitter  

3. It's just a stool for little ones...

© MistakesNeededMaking / Reddit  

4. Sometimes it's better to just do it yourself!

© SirCadwaladr / Reddit 

5. Removing the light and building it straight would’ve been wiser.

© soSickugh / Reddit  

6. If this defect was at the bottom of the mirror that would be one thing, but here...

© NobodyEpic / Twitter  

7. When you don’t want to be locked in a room!

© orwellsrentboy / Reddit  

8. The drain is in the right place, isn’t it?

© LABignerd33 / Reddit  

9. Sometimes you have to wonder who comes up with these ideas.

© honny78 / Reddit  

10. I don’t like things in a nice, straight line anyway!

© king_Lonely / Reddit  

11. The decor in this room might prevent you from focusing on what you need to do.

© eliotbw / Reddit  

12. Wouldn’t the window be better upstairs?

© UnnamedLive / Pikabu  

13. Slanted tiles? I thought that was the latest trend!

© KyouLV / Reddit  

14. The most useless bench in the world (…notice the drain pipe).

© george-merrill / Reddit  

15. In a school, there’s an emergency button next to... the pencil sharpener. Of course, don’t be surprised if the alarm goes off!

© depressedtitties / Reddit  

16. These lights, besides hurting people’s eyes, are completely useless!

© F1qure / Reddit  

17. It's good, you think it’ll work?

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18. It would’ve been quite possible to center the outlet...

© NastyNate675 / Reddit