18 puzzling situations where all is not what it seems

Do you always believe what you see before your eyes? Or are you quick to pick up on optical illusions? Sometimes, it's not as easy as you think... We all know that our brains love to play tricks on us, often with hilarious consequences. From objects with unbelievably weird shapes to landscapes that seem distorted beyond reality, sometimes it takes more than a double take to figure things out!

We stop in our tracks, we may blink a few times, and then we get it... and can't believe that it took us so long! The relief is palpable, particularly if the optical illusion scared the pants off us - a bit like some of the snaps below!

1. Imagine seeing this as you walk down a hospital corridor

© deatysanches / Pikabu  

2. A hovercat

© ShadowTony / Reddit  

3. That's one flexible lady!

© r1t3sh / Reddit  

4. Someone's watching you...

© CowInTrouble / Reddit  

5. Sit back and enjoy the ride

© jaber-allen / Reddit 

6. A new species of animal?

© Kostek13 / Reddit  

7. When driftwood turns into a dragon

© MarliePwns / Reddit  

8. Voldemort knees...

© who-knows-anyways / Reddit  

9. Nope, it's not a video, just a photo of London

© hey_watti / Reddit  

10. Freaky proportions!

© cyberbuff / Reddit  

11. Spot the tablet

© moonshine52 / Reddit  

12. Australia, where pretty much every living creature can kill you...

© FilmsnFries / Reddit  

13. A drawing or a real cafe?

© forgotmylogandpass / Reddit  

14. Tiny head on a big body

© NardM / Pikabu  

15. Try looking at it from another angle

© swimshoe / Reddit  

16. If you suffer from vertigo, look away now!

© primal-chaos / Reddit  

17. Because horses also need protective helmets

© Krikher / Reddit  

18. A tiny person in a world of giants

© gabsramalho / Reddit