18 pranks that would make great April Fools' jokes!

April Fools' Day is not as far off as you think and we all love a good joke... It's a day when more or less anything is allowed. But it's not just for kids - adults also need a fun break from their work/sleep/eat routine!

As long as it’s safe and funny, nothing beats a good prank, but the idea is also to come up with something original. So, if you're a joker at heart and need some inspiration, just take a look at the following hilarious selection. Which one are you tempted to try next?

1. A "futuristic" prank

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2. This may be a yuletide theme, but you could also go for a springtime look!

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3. What about trying this at work?

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4. April Fools' jokes can be played at night

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5. When your co-workers want to protect your car

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6. Boss away on vacation? Why not swap their MacBook for a 'vintage' version?

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7. Even kids in hospital need to have fun

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8. Imagine how his wife will feel when she opens the blind and thinks she left her son outside overnight...

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9. You don't say!

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10. English vs Chinese!

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11. We all know someone who loves donuts!

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12. The cleaner's going to have a nervous breakdown

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13. When you want to decorate the office without spending a dime

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14. Wait to hear the cry...

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15. Take the day off, but cover your tracks

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16. Create panic in the restroom

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17. Use stickers to pretend it's just water

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18. A festive welcome to work!

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