17 pictures of unusual things on earth

Many people dream of setting foot on Mars one day. They would like to check out another planet, when they haven’t even seen all the riches here on our own planet.

In fact, there are many places on earth where many people have never been, or at least not the average Joe.  Only scientists and those with a thirst for adventure have been to these places. Sometimes you can see some pretty amazing things. The photos below are all the proof you need.

1. A cloud shaped like a giant bird

© Span15 / reddit 

2. Carrots in many colors!

© Auracy / reddit  

3. Apparently these ants know how to count to 8…

© Abundant_Mankid / reddit  

4. A frozen sea in Norway, trapping hundreds of fish

© Ingolf Kristiansen / facebook  

5. The flower hasn’t opened yet, but its shadow looks like it has

© huskydaisy / reddit  

6. “Our plane was protected by a rainbow!”

© RampChurch / reddit  

7. An onion the size of a cantaloupe!

© ewemalts / reddit 

8. A leaf outlined by water droplets

© The_Salty_Cat / reddit  

9. “I always say you play too hard!”

© Playgolflex / twitter  

10. These are tiny lizard eggs.

© SNOWCHI3F / reddit 

11. Hungry, hungry fish!

12. This flower has one different-colored petal.

© Jdt0306 / reddit  

13. A little bird decided to make his home in this helmet.

© Edgelord420666 / reddit  

14. “Yeah, I can jump over you!”

© daviddarcyphoto / facebook 

15. Is it a giant's foot or a vegetable?

© Amiibroke1 / reddit  

16. The rainbow vs. the lightning!

© Imortalium / reddit  

17. It looks like a baby elephant...

© Ornicar.photographie / facebook