18 pictures of times when people had luck on their side

Anyone can be lucky. You can also find lucky people everywhere on Earth. You just have to be in the right place at the right time…or be really lucky!

Luck can show its face in many ways. It may be one animal rescuing another or having the right lottery numbers and becoming a millionaire! Here you’ll see 18 pictures of people who were especially lucky.

1. This is a really big banana, or maybe it’s three bananas in one!

© BanalPlay / reddit  

2. This huge ice cream dish will bring a smile to the ones enjoying it!

© unknow / reddit  

3. “Please ma'am, can you drop me off at the 3rd tree on the left? Thank you!”

© Martin Le-May ?/ twitter  

4. A funny-looking bear, isn’t it? It looks more like an old wizard!

© scrensh3 / reddit  

5. Check out the serial number on this dollar bill! All 7s!

© Hugh_JaRod / reddit  

6. When the date is exactly the same as the time you arrive…

© chimpansies / reddit  

7. Being lucky enough to have this view outside your window every morning!

© Lannar / reddit  

8. “Lucky for me, the seat in front of me on this plane was removed!”

© EricRavenCZ75 / reddit  

9. When your hamburger looks exactly the way it does on the commercial!

© killayoself / reddit  

10. A message in a bottle, found on Floreana Island in the Galapagos Islands

© gap343 / reddit  

11. We found a safe while renovating a mansion!

© youcallthataknife11 / reddit  

12. One particularly lucky car owner, both for his car and for him!

© bretsko / reddit  

13. Make-up that looks like a cat!

© naomi9190 / reddit  

14. “For my 40th birthday, my wife gave me something that I had been asking for since I was 8!”

© TheDarkRabbit / reddit  

15. When you happen to find 2 four-leaf clovers, you know it's time to play the lottery!

© aleksandr_zelenkov / instagram

16. Someone accidentally put the decimal in the wrong place, making gas 27 cents a gallon!

© Outrageous_Claims / reddit  

17. Better than a cat on a movie poster…

© alinakonda / reddit  

18. “One of my friends ran into Paul McCartney and James Corden…”

© Kronus338 / reddit