18 photos of things most people have never seen before

No one has seen everything. To do this, one would have to visit all the countries of the world, dive in all the oceans, and literally travel every square inch of the Earth.

The Earth is full of amazing things, and every time we encounter them, life becomes that more interesting.

1. The skin shed by a lizard...amazing!

© IschysSyrra / Reddit  

2. This machine saves people a lot of time and work!

© imgur  

3. When you go through a green light, you’re actually going through blue... and yellow!

© DeathByPetrichor / Reddit  

4. A strand of dark hair and one of light hair, as seen through a microscope.

© Dack9 / Pikabu  

5. Here's an early sketch of Shrek from the film’s production:

© TheDaliComma / Reddit  

6. A human hand next to a bear paw...

© Basic01 / Pikabu 

7. Not all squids are small...

© OCEAN HUNTER Spearfishing & Freediving Specialists / Facebook  

8. An ammonite (mollusk fossil) from 400 million years ago

© Mass1m01973 / Reddit  

9. Dew drops on a plant

© SidoyRoman / Pikabu  

10. There’s nothing cuter than baby otters.

© Phire_free / Reddit  

11. Do you know what a grill looks like from the inside?

© angelos2012 / Pikabu  

12. In this tree, each bird makes its own nest.

© MauganRa / Pikabu 

13. A bat embryo...

© blowjob_eyes / Reddit  

14. Graphite cores before they’re turned into pencils...

© fjbruzr / Reddit 

15. A new perspective of the Pyramid of Giza

© StugotzLobos / Reddit  

16. A butterfly's trunk under a microscope

© Dack9 / Pikabu  

17. How these clam shells fit together...

© gap343 / Reddit  

18. A 3-day old camel

© whitebear1512 / Pikabu