18 photos taken at just the right moment, showing nature and luck working well together

All the art in photography lies in getting the perfect shot. To do this, some people use editing software, to give their photos a unique quality. But good photographers know how to press the button at the right time, just like they know how to take advantage of the simple beauty of nature, bringing all the elements together at just the right moment.

Here are 18 photos that were taken at just the right moment or from the perfect angle. Each one is certified to be without any help from Photoshop!

1. Photography is an art that requires a lot of patience. After several days waiting for this sunrise, he was finally able to get the perfect shot: one where the sun is reflected on the railroad tracks.


2. Nature and its wild perfection...

Chaitanya Deshpande Photography

3. Getting a shot of a snowflake is complicated, especially when it falls on a child’s eyelash...


4. The cold and fog make this stadium’s dome look like a UFO!


5. This picture was taken with a cell phone! Lightning striking a rainbow!


6. When you make your job a true work of art!


7. Parked in the best possible place! (look at the hair…)


8. A dog or a demon? You had to look twice, didn’t you?!


9. The road that leads to nowhere (except maybe to Hogwarts?!)


10. When the perspective makes you think that this squirrel is giant and he’s trying to steal the car…


11. When you lose all credibility in a few minutes, because of a device placed on the wall...

12. The worst family portrait imaginable!


13. This is one single picture: it’s the Charles River on a day when the sky couldn’t make up its mind!


14. Look at the sticker at the top right of the woman's laptop, and now look at the man sitting next to her... What a funny coincidence!


15. When lightning strikes at just the right moment during the choreography!


16. This picture is one of a kind: the couple is photobomber by a bearded man, who is photobomber by Jesus!


17. Look at the baby's t-shirt, and then look in the background... Yes, the dog is reproducing the t-shirt!


18. This dog’s leap makes him appear unbelievable! He has no legs or a body; only his head and tail seem to float in the air!