18 photos that show some awesome design ideas

Sometimes it’s the little extras make the best design ideas.

The creativity of designers and architects really shines through when designing products, furniture, or even buildings.

Here are 18 photos that perfectly illustrate some creative geniuses.

1. A bottle of nail polish that shows how it will look on your nails.

© Pastel_Bishop / reddit  

2. These public benches in Bulgaria are a tribute to reading and literature.

© midnighthunder / reddit  

3. An Itsukushima Shinto Shrine appears on the dish when soy sauce is poured on it.

© TCLP / reddit  

4. This empanada is stamped with the type of meat that’s inside.

© Tribat_1 / reddit  

5. This sweater has a menorah that you can light or put out the candles on.

© katyvo / reddit  

6. Special protection at an optometrist’s office

© alanbrendan / reddit  

7. A rug that makes you dizzy with its optical illusion

© freaky_daygo / reddit  

8. A dream destination for rest and relaxation in Tulum, Mexico

© lisino / reddit  

9. This is the Monument to the Conquerors of Space in Moscow.

© bakedmarx / reddit  

10. These stairs have a ramp so you can get your bike up the stairs easily.

© dwightfam / reddit  

11. The cover for this Silicon Valley DVD is genius. 

© L-1-3-S / reddit  

12. These scissors are a true work of art.

© TheKingOfThePin72901 / reddit  

13. This wall is a treat for the eyes for people who love color and symmetry.

© T4C000 / reddit  

14. This dog bed is the perfect geometric design.

© Richicash / reddit  

15. A creative “Wet Floor” sign

© C-Ron / reddit  

16. An elevator decorated likea forest in the middle of winter

17. After building a LEGO Millennium Falcon, this guy built a LEGO coffee table to keep it in.

© Machu001 / reddit  

18. A table specially designed to hold these books

© Jonah517 / reddit