18 photos that prove we all have bad days

Have you ever wondered why luck never seems to be on your side? Lots of people seem to have an easy ride, leaving the rest of us wondering if they were "born under a lucky star" as we survey the chaos that surrounds us. Sometimes we wonder what we've done to deserve so much misfortune,  but when we look around, we realize that we're not alone.

So, if you need some consolation, take a browse through these snaps... At least these guys have tried to see the funny side! By posting and sharing, they show us that we all bad days!

1.When your wear a cap all day

© unknown author / reddit  

2. When you hear "buzzing" and then find this

© The Bartlett Bee Whisperer / facebook  

3. What an innocent look

© overprotectivedogmom / reddit  

4. What you ordered vs what was delivered

© Fightswithcrows / reddit  

5. The day your dropped your penny jar

© Gordopolis / reddit  

6. The price for being treated for a snakebite in the USA!!!

© Seth_Timlake / twitter  

7. Waking up to an empty swimming pool

© fandacious / reddit  

8. "Why are you angry?  It's only a dog bed..."

© CombatMedicZiegler / reddit  

9. When a bus ruins your footage

© mootjuggler / reddit 

10. A sinkhole appears

© CapeGod / reddit  

11. The peril of car tires on a hot, sunny day

© xsited1 / reddit  

12. Guess what happens next...

© nbcs / reddit  

13. Oops...

© condefle / reddit  

14. Who says he needs a door?

© RumbleDumblee / reddit  

15. Another online purchase fail

© thelifePRO / reddit  

16. Cats... Bless 'em

© GeneReddit123 / reddit  

17. So, guess they"ll be taking the bus home...

© jjlew080 / reddit  

18. Next time, check the weather forecast!

© kkday218 / reddit