18 photos that prove destiny exists

Some things just can't be explained, even if we try to apply logic, reasoning and so forth.  Whether we believe it all boils down to coincidence or a stroke of luck, there are often times when we wonder if it's a matter of destiny.

Some people believe wholeheartedly in destiny and once you've browsed through this selection, you may well be inclined to agree!

1. "The night before my wife's ultrasound to find out the gender of our baby we got Chinese food. These were our fortunes and our baby was a girl!"

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2. When your date has a tattoo that matches your freckle

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3. This person was picking up litter on a beach and found a $50 bill

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4. This couple married 11 days after they met, but didn't get any wedding photos taken. 33 years later and they're still together!

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5. "Yesterday at a bus station and I accidentally put my wallet under the handle and still didn't lose it!" 

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6. When you arrive at your destination and realize where you left your house keys

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7. This person stumbled upon an abandoned puppy and give it a forever home

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8. One very lucky scratch card

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9. When he was only 12, this boy caught a huge halibut. A few months later, his granddad sent him a newspaper article that said he had broken the record for the largest one ever caught.

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10. This motorbike was bought with a lottery win!

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11. This person found money stuffed inside a new pair of sneakers

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12. These friends all fell pregnant at the same time and gave birth during the same week.

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13. This lady lost a wedding anniversary ring, but a stranger with a metal detector later found it on a beach

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14. This guy's drone crashed in a lake.  A man found it, looked at what was on the SD card, found a photo of the owner's house and managed to track him down!

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15. Best friends - these two were born on the same day and their moms also became best friends!

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16. "My Honda died on me. The same day, a stranger gave me her Honda in perfect working condition for free!"

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17. This guy bought a microwave and before leaving the store he spun the wheel and won his money back

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18. "This Washington chauffeur was cleaning his Chevrolet and found a bundle of Georgian bills

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